Arnes Becirovic-Nes Jordan- Music Producer- Artist - -Business Owner Nes Jordan LLC

He had 3 Countries Available with Professional soccer from kelloggsville-  Spain-Italy-Gibraltar

Nes Jordan -Egyptianskygod Serves hip hop fans and major artists with quality Instrumentals. Presonus Studio one 4 - Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Icarus Tone 2- Nemesis Tone 2 -Geist 2 

7 Angels Behind my God 2 Album -13 songs

Egyptian Sky god 2 Album-13 songs

Amplitude of Light Wave Anubis 48 Album-13 songs

Wing Zero Zoning and Range ommitted system Album-13 songs

-4 Nes Jordan Studio albums coming in the future- - -http://

Kelloggsville Mount Rushmore-Arnes Becirovic 2011