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General Ledger-Double Entry accounting 

 General Ledger-Record keeping System of Company Financial Data Validated by the Trial Balance-


which accounting system is the most benefical to a Sustainable Business? Profit and loss Statement- Balance sheet-Cash flow statement- or the Trial Balance?



Better Business Systems  

Which Business system is the most beneficial to a Company or Organization?

Lead Generation system , Sales system, Follow up system , Customer Service system, Website management system, or a payroll and Accounting system?



Public vs Private Company 

Public Company- Sell shares on the Market

1- Traded on Stock Market Exchange

2-Public company Must follow SEC Rules and Reporting Regulations.

3-Public company taps into the market to sell more shares.

4-Big Companies

5-The Source of Funds is Selling its Shares and Bonds.



Private Company-

1- Sells its own private shares to Investors.

2- Private company doesn't have to follow any SEC regulations.

3-No need for Public Disclosure.

4- The source of funds is investors and Venture capitalists.




7 Books i Reccomend For Self Development and Improvement  

1- Mind Gym- Gary Mack (Sports Psychology)

2-Rich Dad poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki -(Entrepreneur mindset)

3- Think and Grow Rich- Napolean Hill ( Self Development)

4-The Champions Mind--Jim Afremow ( Sports Psychology )

5- The Magic of thinking Big- David Schwartz (Personal Finance-Self Help)

6- Awaken the Giant within -Tony Robbins ( Motivation and Self Improvement)

7- Soccer Tough-Dan Abrams -( Sports Psychology)


Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis 

When Analyzing a Company  which is more important to future investors, the fundamental analysis or the technical analysis of the company at hand?

Fundamental analysis- Measuring the  intrinsic value of the company-


Technical analysis- Price movement in the market , Supply and Demand ,Focuses on patterns of price movements, analytical charts in order to evaluate the strength or weakness of a security.

Fischers 15 Points-what to look for in common stock 

1-Does the Company have products or services that address large and expanding markets?

2-Does the Management have a determination to develop expanding products and Expand into new markets or develop new processes that will increase future sales potential?
3-How effective are the Companies research and development Efforts in relation to its size?

4-Does the Company have an above average sales organization?

5-Does the Company have a worthwhile profit margin to Investors?

6-What is the company doing to improve profit Margins? Economic MOAT

7-Does the Company have Outstanding Personal Relations with its labor team?

8-Does the company have outstanding Executive relations?

9-Does the Company have depth to its management?

10-How good are the companies cost analysis and Accounting controls?

11-Important Clues- are there other clues which give the investor confidence in as to how outstanding the company will be in relation to its competition?

12-Does the Company have long range or short range outlook on profits?

13-Will the growth of the company require sufficient equity financing so that the larger number of shares then outstanding will cancel out the existed stockholders benefit from this anticipated growth?

14-Does the Management  talk freely to investors about its affairs when things are going well but  clam up when trouble and disappointments occur?

15-Does the Company have a management of unquestionable integrity?


Business skills-Entrepreneur  

which level of Rich dad Poor Dad Cash-flow Quadrant is the most Advantageous to be a part of. ( E-B-S or I)


What Business skills need to be cultivated in order to sustain Business owner Growth in the long Term lifetime of the Business.


Finance-Will Snapchats Stock Price and Market Capitalization ever be able to Rise up to an Equal level with Facebook Stock in the Future?


Psychology-Which Concept is more Beneficial to the human being self fulfilling prophecy, or is understanding the concept of Hypnotic Rhythm by Napolean Hill more beneficial to understand in the development of Human nature?

RIvals 2007- 

If Micheal Beasley was the Top Player on Rivals 2007 why did he only get offers from Kansas State-Charlotte and Pittsburgh and not Top schools like Duke, North Carolina and UCLA at that time?


Why did Michael Jordan think he could go from Professional basketball competency to Professional baseball competency with no Baseball experience except Highschool...